Prosumer's Chart

The ECPE Project is happy to share with you our proposal of Prosumer's chart

An economy based on fossil energy is neither competitive, nor sustainable, and the transition to an energy system based on renewable sources is no more an option, but a necessity. One
of the most important elements of this transition is the energy market’s changing, with its transformation from a centralized system to an open one with several production units, and the birth of the prosumer, i.e. a consumer who becomes a producer of energy, active on this new market. Helping the energy consumers to become prosumers, increasing their knowledge and awareness about the benefits of this transformation, are fundamental steps to achieve the Agenda ONU 2030 goals and can contribute in contrasting climate change and energy poverty. In this context the birth of a Charter that will show the fundamental rights and duties of the prosumer which have to be recognised and protected by every single State is considered strategically important.

The main goal of the workshop is to show the Prosumer’s Chart and to open a discussion, moderated by one of the ECPE research group’s members, on its content with the main objective to implement it through impressions, suggestions and even critics.
Another objective is to share information about the function and working of energy communities, giving legal and practice informations and showing case studies.

At the end of the workshop all participants (experts, researchers and professionals interested in energy transition) will be involved in the open discussion about the Prosumer’s Charter and the arguments of the speakers’ works, aimed to improve the contents of the Charter itself.
The event is a follow up event of the previous workshop held last 25th August 2021, during the International Conference on SOCIAL SCIENCES - ISCSS 2021, 21-30.08.2021.

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