Project: Enabling Consumer to become Prosumer in the Energy transition era

Last 27 June 2019 the Rector of University of Camerino banished a call for research projects for two-years period. The call was called “Bando per il finanziamento di Progetti di Ricerca di Ateneo - FAR UNICAM 2019 - prot. N. 0040788 del 27/06/2019 - UOR: SI000039 – Repertorio n. 171” – Classif. III/13.

Each school of Unicam could participate but only ten projects would have won.

A project called ECPE – Enabling Consumer to become Prosumer in Energy transition era – is one of the winners. All projects started in July 2020.

The purpose of the project is to coordinate the various norms, collecting and promoting best practices in the interpretation and application of the various norms. The project will analyze the prosumers behaviors from multiple perspectives (for this reason is very important the choose a multidisciplinary approach from all partners).

The ECPE project will enhance the use of collaborative behavior in the energy consumption and production market.

The working group is composed of 45 members and these are: Aura Esther Vilalta from the University Oberta of Catalunya - Spain; Baris Cayli from University of Derby - United Kingdom; Carine Staropoli from University of Sorbonne - France; Domenico Villacci from Italian Inter-Universities Consortium - Energy and Electrical Power Systems - Italy; Hiroyoshi Sano, Junichiro Kusumoto, Kozue Kashiwazaki and Norihisa Shima from Toyo University - Tokyo; Ivana Kunda and Sandra Winkler from University of Rijeka - Croazia; Lecia Vicente from University Louisiana State university, Paul Hebert Law Center; Lidia-Lenuta Balan from Geological Institute of Romania - Romania; Luis Quintero from Johns Hopkins University - United States of America; Manuel Ignacio Feliu Rey from University Carlos III of Madrid - Spain; Marine Cornelis from NextEnergyConsumer - Italy; Meruyert Narenova from University of International Business - Kazakhstan; Mesut Dinler from University Polytechnic of Torino – Italy ; Salvatore Antonello Parente from University of Bari “Aldo Moro” – Italy; Stefania Conti from University of Catania – Italy;  Andrea Iannuzzi, Antonella Merli, Antonio Magni, Ascanio Sirignano, Catia Eliana Gentilucci, Ciro Ascione, Fabrizio Pilo, Federico Pascucci, Francesco Rizzo, Gerardo Ulloa Bellorin, Giovanna Ricci, Giovanni Russo, Giulio Mannocchi, Gopi Battineni, Lucia Ruggeri, Jane Manso Lache, Júlia Martins Rodrigues, Karina Zabrodina, Leonardo Mostarda, Maria Cristina De Cicco, Maria Paola Mantovani, Maria Pia Gasperini, Roberto Garetto, Rosario Culmone, Silvia Montecchiari from University of Camerino – Italy and Vassiliki Koumpli from Hellenic Institute of International and Foreign Law, Athens – Greece.

They belong to different scientific areas, as the project has a multi-disciplinary approach. Electrical, electronic, and computer, with the support of Conti. Engineers, economists, lawyers, sociologists, and architects will cooperate, focusing their activities on issues related to energy consumption/production.