Energy enterprises, community of users and social impact investment

The research project focuses on renewable energy communities, as decentralized systems for the supply of energy products and services from renewable sources, pursuant to the principle of horizontal subsidiarity (art. 118, paragraph 4, Italian Constitution). In order to ensure their economic sustainability, especially in the initial phase of production or purchase of energy production plants, forms of Impact Investing (Social Impact Bonds) are analysed. This public-private partnership, aimed to generate, in addition to a financial return, a positive impact on the environment or society, constitutes s suitable method for finding more resources and for the improvement of the quality of services. In line with the measures of disintermediation and digitization, the research promotes the energy transition through the adoption of innovative technologies (blockchain and smart contracts), both to automate peer-to-peer financial transactions and to optimize energy exchanges and storage within the community.
The outlined program achieves environmental objectives in compliance with decarbonisation and sustainability policies. Added to these ones, economic effects are pursued, in terms of savings in private and public energy spending and in intermediation costs (through the use of technology). Among social goals, there are the increase of employment rate and the accessibility to the essential levels of social rights benefits, as well as the overcoming of energy poverty through the involvement of low-income consumers or vulnerable households. The project, therefore, aims to develop an energy community model, scalable in other territorial areas the results of which are measurable through a strategic planning of feasibility and of environmental, social and economic-financial sustainability.

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Adele Emilia Caterini:
graduated in Law with full marks (110/110 cum laude) at the University of Salerno (2020); PhD Student in Legal and Social Sciences- Civil Law and Constitutional Legality, “Doctorate on green topics” (Action IV.5), “Energy enterprises, community of users and social impact investment”;

Publication: “Worldwide welfare society: Healthcare and social impact investments”, in U. Comite (ed.), Handbook of Research on Healthcare Standards, Policies, and Reform, IGI Global, 2022.

Foto Giovanni BruscoGiovanni Brusco: degree in electronics engineering at the University of Calabria, Rende; PhD degree in computer and system engineering from the Electronic, Computer and Systems Science Department, University of Calabria; R&D Manager of Creta Energie Speciali S.r.l. Participations in research projects and author of numerous national and international publications in electrical power systems, distributed generation, renewable energy plants, energy storage systems and smart grid technologies