Tasnad Municipality

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Tasnad Municipality, Satu Mare County, Romania, has invested in recent years in environmental sustainability programs and in this regard have been developed and approved a series of strategies and local investment programs for the expansion, development, modernization of lighting service local public as well as the modernization and expansion of the Tasnad Spa, in order to support energy efficiency and intelligent energy management.

Tasnad Spa, a tourist resort of national interest, uses geothermal water and is equipped with six swimming pools that provide leisure and treatment.

Also, at local level, a series of ecological solutions have been adopted and promoted, meant to ensure energy efficiency for household and other consumers. It is intended to rehabilitate, modernize and equip the primary school, kindergartens, gyms, town hall, dispensary, parks and other public spaces in the municipality as well as various outdoor cultural objectives, in accordance with national and European legislation in force.

In the next period, the modernization of the agri-food market and the agri-food hall, the modernization of the technological high school in the municipality, in the sense of heating buildings with solar panels, capitalization of geothermal energy for the production of heating and hot water.